Anunt din partea Secretarului General al EAU


The EAU23 General Assembly agreed to accept the proposed adjustments to the
membership fees which will enable the association to continue to fulfill its purpose.
Reason for this proposal was that, besides the consequences of the sharp increase in
inflation since mid-July last year, the EAU has invested heavily in improving and expanding
its services. This has put pressure on the EAU’s financial results and to achieve a sustainable
financial business model, the EAU has had to decide to adjust its membership fees.
European and non-European members will be charged the same membership fee.
Membership fees for medical students and patient advocates will not be increased.
The new membership fees are as follows:
➢ Individual members
• Active (International) Members: €225
• Junior (International) Members: €94
➢ En-bloc membership fees (online)*
• Active (International) Members: €112,50
• Junior (International) Members: €56

*The EAU and the Romanian Association of Urology have an en-bloc membership
agreement since 1 April 2005, allowing Romanian members to benefit from the dual
It goes without saying that all current membership agreements will be respected until the
end date of the agreement, which is 31 December 2023.

Arnulf Stenzl
Secretary General of the EAU