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Acknowledgement The EAU23 General Assembly agreed to accept the proposed adjustments to themembership fees which will enable the association to continue to fulfill its purpose.Reason...
AcasăARUUrology Week 2019

Urology Week 2019

Urology Week will be held from 23-27 September 2019 throughout all of Europe. This is an annual initiative of the EAU, which brings together national urological societies, urology practitioners, urology nurses, patients and their families, and politicians to create awareness of urological conditions among the general public. It is the ideal opportunity to educate your fellow countrymen about the importance of urological diseases and to take symptoms seriously by talking to a urologist in time. The main message: Don’t suffer in silence. Improve your quality of life with the help of your urologist.

This year’s Urology Week campaign will focus on benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH / enlarged prostate).   TheUrology Week website is the hub where all information can be found and downloaded.