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AcasăARUThe Urology Boot Camp 2019

The Urology Boot Camp 2019

The Urology Boot Camp (Lisbon, Portgal) addresses residents in urology in their first year of training in Urology (residents in their second year of training, in Romania). The course is held
in English, on November 23rd 2019.
The Urology Boot Camp is a ESU project with the aim of providing standardized technical skills training to 1st year residents across Europe. The course is designed to provide a full day of intensive hands-on training in basic urological techniques.
High quality trainers will be giving the training on a 1:1 ratio to each trainee, using state of the art equipment and realistic models. The 1:1 trainer:trainee ratio is one of the major principle of the course, as it guarantees that every resident spends the entire period hands-on training
and is given dedicated training tips by the trainers.
The course is divided into 4 different modules, each with 2h of hands-on training:
-Laparoscopy: basic laparoscopic exercises based on the E-BLUS program
-Upper Urinary Tract endoscopy: URS and RIRS exercises based on the EST-S1 program
-Lower Urinary Tract endoscopy: rigid and flexible cystoscopy exercises based on the EST-
S1 program, bladder catheterization and supra pubic catheter placement 
-Transurethral resection: TUR-BT and TUR-P exercises
Each participant can send an e-mail to the secretariat informing that he is interested (cfu.fmul (at) Alternatively, if there is an interest, we can accept the inscription of group of residents if the contact is made by a department or a national association. Selection will be on a first come first serve criteria, but priority will be given for first year residents.
The course will be organized in a hotel in Lisbon,15min from the airport. The accomodation
and travel must be made by the applicants, but we can arrange for discount prices for
accommodation in the hotel of the course
Number of positions is limited, enrollment is based on first-come first served.
Dr Radu Constantiniu
Secretar general ARU