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AcasăARUWorld Congress of Videourology, Moscow, Russia – Registration Open!

World Congress of Videourology, Moscow, Russia – Registration Open!

the 29th World Congress of Videourology 2018, Moscow, Russia

October 5 – 7, 2018

Leningradsky Ave 36, building 33, Moscow, Russia

Dear participants!

The World Cup ended few days ago. Thousands of fans from all around the world visited
Russia to get great experience and to see everything with their own eyes.
And now we are waiting for 29-th Videourology congress in Russia.

At our Congress we don’t play football, but solve global problems of mankind
in the field of medicine. And every participant is a player, not a fan.

And while we are continue preparing for this great event, you will soon learn:

  • The announcement of the preliminary program
  • The topics of 5 training courses
  • All advantages of staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • The opportunity to visit the largest country with a great cultural heritage.

Waiting you in Moscow 5-7 October 2018. Congress-operator „ABV-Expo”
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