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The WorldEndo Initiative

Dear Endourological Society Members,
The WorldEndo Initiative was first put forth by Dr. Ralph Clayman with the spirit of advancing Endourology in the developing world by means of education and providing opportunities that might not always be available for urologists from such countries.
Through your philanthropy and ongoing generous support, our Endourological Society (ES) will continue to grow much to the benefit of urologists world‐wide and the people seeking their care. We can never begin to quantitate the amount of pain and suffering on a global level that has been precluded due to the major advances that have come from the labors of the various members of the Endourology Society. To that end, it remains incumbent upon us all not only to „spread the word” but to disseminate the expertise to all hands, near and far.
It has been said that, “In our diversity, lies our strength.”  The strength of the Endourology Society can only be enhanced by making a collective effort to bring leaders to the developing world to teach and to educate.
The ES understands the importance of humanitarian and volunteerism.  The ES Board of Directors  has approved the authorization of up to $22,500.00 per year for humanitarian volunteerism purposes to be evaluated on an annual basis.  The ES Executive committee will award 3 applicants per year in the amount of $7500.00 each.
Attached is the application.  The deadline to submit your application is February 15th, 2018.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email or by phone 516-520-1224 at any time.